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The Premium Shop Front is a successful company with 30 years of experience. The founder, Jagjit Singh, started it in London in 2002. There are now estimates that it has completed 800 projects since its founding.

The Premium Shop Front is also one of the first companies to have 660 industrial solutions to generate innovation for their clients. They have been using the latest technologies to create custom designs of metal gates, partitions, signs, shutters, and many more. From roof extensions to roof and door access, they have a wide range of weatherproof steel or aluminum awnings and sheds that are very efficient in the summer heat.

We are Professionals

A premium shopfront design can help you properly showcase your business. Selecting the correct shop front design for your business is critical. You should pick a shop front design that is sure to grab the attention of your target audience. So, your customers will love shopping through your shop front as it is of higher quality than any other shop front in town. And you will have an easier time displaying products to potential buyers. Quality suppliers like us are the safest way to install a premium shopfront. Our professionals are highly trained and expert in various types of security & property protection for commercial and manufacturing companies. And the best part is we provide a substantial warranty on all our professional installation services! Quality shop fronts will enable you to conquer the competition and boost your sales by orders. Our company provides all kinds of sheds, shutters, storefront, commercial-style entrance doors, etc. You may get a variety of services for your business or shop! Just call us, and we'll be available for you!
  • Built-in security features like anti-theft and barcode scanning.
  • Simple, one-button operation.
  • Secure Full Upgrade Protection.
  • Simple to install, simple to maintain.
  • Long-Lasting Compatibility.
  • Lifetime Warranty.

Purpose Of Premium Shopfront

THE Premium Shop Front proposes a new direction for the shop outlook and security. Marked by its unique, innovative, custom design, THE Premium Shop Front range is packed with high-quality material. Durable material helps the sheds and gates to bear the harsh heat, corrosion, and rain. Our services develop exclusively for shops and offices to provide a high-class protection system. 

We believe in boosting the shop appearance and keeping your garage, shop, or office secure. THE Premium Shop Front can help the customers whether they want to build a shop front or get the metal gates for security. Our services will give you the outcome you wish to as part of your business comfort. We use superior materials of aluminium and metals to develop durable and strong shutters, gates, or partitions.

THE Premium Sop Front design range is compact and convenient. Our services include sheds, signs, office partitions, metal gates, security grills, aluminum, and glass shopfronts.

The shutters and shopfronts range is enhanced and supported by the latest lock system and material. 

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Jagjit Singh
Jagjit Singh Founder & CEO
As a professional shopfront or shutter builder, He traveled the world frequently, searching for the best materials available. However, despite extensive research, He couldn't find a variety of shopfronts designs that fit the customer's needs. Jagjit Singh is known to this industry. He wanted a lock system for the shopfronts or durable gates with the latest technology. So, the Premium Shop Front has developed a fantastic shopfront collection by collaborating with some of the experts in London. We build a variety of shopfronts. We are trustworthy, reliable, and an excellent source of security solutions and services. Use our services and give us a chance to help you!

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Latest Technology:

With our shopfronts and shutters, you can guarantee your building will be secure and not just swept off the street in a flash! Our shopfronts come with anti-theft and barcode scanning features, so you can rest easy knowing your business is secure. 

We build substantial shopfronts or shutters by installing premium security grills with top-notch features like motion detectors, panic buttons, and theft-proof locks to provide a high level of protection for your goods. We offer quality security grills at very competitive rates.

We also use aluminum and steel in our grills and awnings! Weatherproof steel is the best solution for providing a clear view outside your shop. The weatherproof steel is perfect for awnings, sheds, and even sizeable open-plan buildings like schools or hospitals. We also offer shelters and sheds made from weatherproof steel or aluminum.

Hire trusted experts to protect your valuable goods; you can do it with Premium Shop Front’s help!

A High Quality ShopFronts Services

Premium Shop Front is a unique brand in building shopfronts, sheds, shutters, and many more. Everything is made from high-quality materials. They also carry out the work of installation and maintenance. So, you can unwind and avail of our service.