Aluminum Shopfront

Cheap Aluminium Shopfronts:

We have double-skinned and single skinned aluminium shopfronts

  • The double-skinned one has an extra layer of Aluminium on the front window to protect it from weather and vandalism. 
  • The single-skinned one has a smaller opening in the front window, making it more difficult for thieves to break in.

The double-skinned storefront is best for commercial buildings, while the single-skin storefront is perfect for residential buildings. Both are made from Aluminium, but they have a simpler design, different construction processes, lower cost, and are lightweight. The premium shopfront has an option of sliding shopfronts for customer convenience. We also adjust windows in the shopfronts, either front window or peephole window. To accommodate open or closed windows, we maintain a front display storefront larger than a peephole storefront. These windows also allow customers to see merchandise on display inside while walking by.

Aluminium at its Finest:

 Keep Your Shopfront Looking Good with cheap aluminium shopfronts. It is an ideal material for shopfronts:

  •  Lightweight and has a long lifespan to transport easily to different locations.
  •  Good weathering properties, lasting longer than other materials.
  • Doesn’t allow corrosion to make a place for it.
  • Tangible and can bend into any design of a customer’s choice.
  • Say No to environmental pollutants and is strong.
  • Doesn’t allow heat and rain to ruin your shopfront.
  • Sound and fire-resistant
  • Free of any maintenance issue.

How We Install your Aluminum Shopfronts?

Installing a shopfront is one of the most costly and crucial decisions. Many factors influence when we install your shop front, including:

– Location

– Size of the building

– Space available

– Traffic flow

– Building design

Installing a shopfront is a long procedure, and it requires proper steps to follow.

It includes levelling, removing old foundations and replacing them with new ones stronger and more durable than those before. We do this by using a crowbar and a sledgehammer to remove bricks or mortar from around windows or doors and then using a chisel to break away any remaining pieces of brick or mortar that may be left on either side of the window or door front.

After this, we install an aluminium shopfront.

Then, we secure the storefront onto the building with screws and brackets.

After securing it, we apply an epoxy primer to seal any potential leaks or damage to the Aluminium.

Next, we install all of your aluminium windows and doors on top of the storefront. Finally, we install your aluminium siding on top of that.

Attention: It is best to install aluminium shopfronts a week before opening day to be polished and cleaned up